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Digital Milliohm Meter

MIKO-1 Digital Milliohm Meter
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Specifications :

  • Range of measured resistances Rx, mOhm  ..0-20000
  • Limit of absolute basic error in measurement, mOhm .±(1+0.01*Rx)
  • Weight of microohmmeter, kg 3.6
  • Dimensions, mm  210*235*75
  • Operating temperature range, C -15 ÷ +40

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MIKO-7 Digital Milliohm Meter
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Distinctive features of the device :

  • High measurement accuracy on a real transformer - [unlike analogues MIKO-7 shows a claimed accuracy not only in laboratory conditions, but also on the operating facility]
  • Automating the process of measuring the resistance of the transformer windings due to the autoranging resistance;
  • Long term operation of the device in extreme temperature range of modes due to automatic temperature maintenance radioelements measuring unit;
  • Three types of instrumentation cables of different lengths and with different values capture clips "crocodile", allowing measurements both from the ground and cover with transformers of all voltage classes – the client is required to choose a cable with ordering the device;
  • small time measurements;
  • Wide measuring range - [10mkOm - 1K];
  • Smal...


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MIKO-8 Digital Milliohm Meter
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Price : 7,500.00 / Piece(s)

Additional features of the device :

  • Definition of transformer condition (defective or not) - [automatic calculation of relative deviations between the winding resistances];
  • Determine the exact location of the defect in transformer - [recount linear resistance windings connected in delta or star in the resistance of the phase windings];
  • Determine whether the performance of the transformer nameplate - [recount resistance at the current temperature resistance with temperature nameplate];
  • Calculation of the temperature of the transformer;
  • archive measurements on a computer - [connection to a computer via a cable USB, copying the measurements to the computer];
  • DRM method: rapid diagnosis device status LTC in all weather conditions;
  • diagrams of the estimated construction contactors, without opening the tap t...


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