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NP Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, is an eminent Importer and Supplier of a wide assortment Electrical & Electronics Tests and Measurement Products, AC & DC Programmable Power Supply, etc.

Spectrum Analyzer

We keep a stern check while the product is being developed to make sure that we deliver only flawless range. Making available the finest assortment of products, we make sure that the range is kept safe in our inventory in Nagasandra(India).



  • Specitication are valid under the following conditions: the instrument is within the
  • calibration period. is stored for at least two hours at ·0C to 5DC temperature.
  • and is warmed up 40 minutes. In addition trackrng generator indicators. the Specifications
  • in thas manual include the measurement uncertainty.
  • Technical Index : All products guaranteed performance parameters, Apply to 5oC to 45oC
  • temperature range.
  • Typical : 8O percent of the measurement result will meet at roorn temperate
  • (approximately 25oC) lt has 95th percentile reliability. This date is not warranted and
  • does not include the measurement uncertainly.
  • Nominal :The expected mean or average performance or a designed attribute such as the
  • 50 ⦠connecter. This date is not warranted and does not include the
  • measurement uncertainty. This measurement meet at room temperate {approximately 25oC)

Frequency Characteristic

Frequency GPS-SA3032XX GPS-SA3021XX
Frequerrcy range
Frequency resolution
9 kHz-3.2 Ghz
1 Hz
9 kHz-2.1 Ghz
1 H2
Frequency Span
OHz, 100 Hz to 3.2 Ghz
± Span /(number of sweep points - 1)
0Hz, 100 Hz to 2.1 GHz
Inlemal Reference Source
Reference frequency 10.000000MHz
Frequerrcy Reference Accuracy ± (time Since last adjustmentxfrequency aging rate)
+temperature stability+calibration accuracy)
Initial calibration accuracy <0.2ppm  
Temperature Stability <1ppm/year, 0oC~ 50oC  
Frequency aging rate <0.5ppm/first year, 3.0ppm/20 years  
Marker Resoultion Span/ (numbert of sweep ponit-1)  
Mskeruncertainty ±FrequencyindicationxFrequency reference uncertainty + 1% x Spna + 10% x resolution bandwidh+